Yesterday - in the horrible heat - I went to the Nimbin Show and got swallowed up by all the freaking quaintness within it. They had produce judging, you guys. People brought in their fruit and got to be awarded the ribbons of Best Lemons or Best Eggs. It was like being in the 1950s! They even had Best Scones and Best Chocolate Cake, in which there was a Drama because someone had tried to enter a Chocolate Mud Cake and was thus disqualified. Oh my god, I cannot even tell you how sweet and country town I found all this. There was crocheted blankets being judged!

Today I'm home alone, with both dad and Gwen having gone out to do a wedding at Byron Bay (dad drives the fancy cars and Gwen does the celebrant stuff). But it was too got for me to go to Byron and being here is less melty. I was going to go see Jane Eyre at the movies (Fassbender!) but I've got a shitty copy of it somewhere on a computer anyway.

I went to a gallery opening the other night which was really cool - wine and cheese and artists oh my! - but it became less cool as I got hotter and hotter inside the gallery and people walking past things made them shake and made me begin to panic a little bit. Logically I know that there's no earthquakes here. Logically I know this. But it didn't stop be clinging to dad's side and staring up at what parts of the roof I thought would fall down first.

Uncool, tectonic plates.

I've been watching the episodes of Camelot I have with me here. Well, sort of watching. Okay, I've been fast forwarding whenever Morgana isn't on screen. I predicted this would be the outcome of this show. Eva, I love you so bad and with my body parts. Morgana and Merlin are the only characters of any interest and they need to get to the nasty hate-sex right away please.


Sep. 24th, 2011 08:02 pm
BEHOLD! The dinosaur that dad got and arrived as a shitty flat-packed build it yourself item which we thought was going to be shit.

It isn't shit. It is AWESOME.

(Dad and Gwen watch Miranda. This makes me happy since they walk around saying "such fun!" and this is, what I call, a dinosaur.)
This is what it said on the back of the truck that we did, indeed, pass on the drive back from the airport. It knows I'm foxy, that's why.

Hello darling people, this is your impotant imperious leader recording her captain's log from Nimbin, Australia, as she reclines in the sunshine far from tectonic plates and their naughty little games. (I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to be without earthquakes. I've been here a whole week and there has been NOT ONE. This is incredible to me and so good for my nerves which tend to lean towards being frayed even without the city tumbling down around me every five minutes. But still I keep eyeing up unsecured items dubiously. They are not to be trusted.)

Alison was here for the first week, but today we dropped her off at the airport and she'll never ever come back ever again. In fact, she'll currently be in Sydney (I think) or maybe almost on the flight to New Zealand.

I have been existing on a diet of fresh fruit, Caesar salad, and alcohol, and it's pretty much the best thing ever actually. My liver gets such a workout here although last night I decided to slow down a bit. I cannot keep up with dad and Gwennie. They have titanium well-practised livers! Mine is merely human! It wants to live!

The night before last they had a Viking feast, which turned out to be completely awesome. Everyone dressed up and there was legs of lamb and whole big fishes and a ridiculously long feast table with a huge roaring fire at the end. GLORIOUS. Then near the end of the night Alison and I managed to get people playing Tablero which is always so much fun, and then dad thought we were being pussies with it so we started playing with whiskey and tequila instead of the lighter stuff. HELLS YEAH. Tablero should always be played with hard liquor and anyone who says differently might be a medical professional or concerned for your physical wellbeing. What would they know.

The booze we played with was home made, as dad's now got a friend with a still who provides four litres of it a week and then they flavour it into pretend things. The tequila is a bit off but might just need some time. The fake whiskeys are pretty good though. But our attempt at mango liquor needs to be learned from by future generations to keep them from making such a terrible mistake. I think only of the children here.

(It is possible, just maybe, that under the influence of viking boozing it up I texted some people with promises of my anatomy. Not that I would ever do such a thing. I am a lady. But to the people who did get those texts: How you doin'?)

I'll leave you with some Viking photos. No word from fellow SCAdians! )

Tomorrow we will... do something that most likely involves alcohol as that is now the pattern forms here. I like this pattern. I will read my book (Currently flicking between Catherine Valente's Habitation of the Blessed and Geoffrey Miller's The Mating Mind, both of which are fabulous because Valente is a goddess and books about evolutionary psychology gives me warm fuzzies.) Or I will do something productive and adult. I will roleplay.
All of the second lot of snow has melted now, except for a few places around where it's been piled up into big brown blobs of the stuff and thus having a little trouble with turning back into water. It's working on it though and now the yard is all green again instead of white. (Which was very pretty but very weird.)

Last night was Ness and Laura's housewarming (even though they've lived there now for ages) and it was lots of tequila filled fun, even if a very drunk guy I've never met decided to rest his hand on my inner thigh. Laura saved me though! (Because, again, INCAPABLE of saying 'hi, fuck off' because it might be considered rude. Dear sweet lord, Circe. You really need to get yourself out of this habit.)

Lara has been asleep ALL DAY so I hope that she isn't dead because that would suck.

In news of awesome: I'm going to Nimbin for September :D (Alison and Lara may or may not be coming, since they like the idea but money is ever an issue. I am lucky to have birthday flights.)
Here I go, posting photos.

An intro? We don't need no stinkin' intro.

There's always spider photos when I go to Nimbin )
It is indescribably strange to be here in Australia while, back home, something so huge is happening. My poor beautiful city is getting pummeled by this earthquake and its aftershocks and I've not even seen it yet other than in photos. On the one hand I feel incredibly lucky that I was here when it went down, because it means I haven't had to deal with the freaking out, the lost sleep, and the power and water losses, but on the other hand I hate that I'm here instead because all the people I love and spend my time with are going through this massive thing together and I won't be a part of it when I return. Is it selfish to think that way? Because everyone there can only be thinking 'uh, why would you WANT to be here?' But I guess it's a bonding experience of sorts for all of the city and I'm not going to be... bonded.

This all makes me homesick. I'm hardly ever homesick when I travel, only a few times when I lived in Ireland in fact and never when I'm here with family. It's odd and different. But I'm glad everyone back home is as safe as they can be and the fact that no one has died is the most amazing and wonderful news I've ever heard.

On a less flat note, however, I have been having a good time here, especially the other night when we had the cocktail party and Alison and I whipped up a serious storm of drinks from everyone. It was the day we'd found out about what was happening back home so we found a drink called Earthquakes to make. They were so good and way better than the real thing. I was the Queen of Drinkings and all bowed before me. As they should.

I'll cut the recipes for the best drinks we made... )

Holy crap, how excited am I to find out that sleazy sexist, racist, all-other-ists Abbott will not be the Australian Prime Minister? THANK GOD. Finally something right there!

This is my last night in Nimbin. Tomorrow I have an early bus up to the Gold Coast and will be staying with mum until the 12th and then it's finally back home! (While I'm in Brisbane though? There's a Valentino retrospective. I WILL BE BEHOLDING VALENTINO GOWNS AND MY LIFE IS MORE COMPLETE FOR IT.) Dad also bought me a book on Alexander McQueen and I am happily basking in fashion. It's lovely.

Everyone talk to me! Leave me comments of adoration/hate! I feel so out of the loop with all my internet/Christchurch people. Basically, if you're reading this post, I ♥ you. (Unless you're certain people who sometimes stalk it and to those people: I
Arrived safe and sound in Nimbin. Am now boozing it up with my dad and step mum.

Hells yeah, baby.


Aug. 13th, 2009 07:33 pm
Bitches, this is bed-lounging weather.

And there's been dentist visits and wine and cocktail parties and good food and Byron Bay and shopping and goth shops and steampunk pocket watches and general awesome but I lack the energy to make any real post about that until I return to NZ.
My plan of not going to Nimbin this summer because I don't want to deal with the heat has backfired since today it's boiling >_< To combat this we have brought the living room furniture about into the shade of the trees and now have an outdoor area to keep away from the heat. Thank god for laptops and wireless.

Comments on [ profile] sf_drama lead to talking with someone about the incredible hotness that is Johnny Depp and Eva Green. And after much discussion of how various movies of theirs should have had the other (Eva as Mrs Lovett? Yes please!) I decided I needed to look muchly at pictures and share them with you.

image heavy om nom nom )
I return from Nimbin, getting home after a flight that seemed to go forever and then a bus ride that took almost as long again. But now I'm back at the LFoD and exhausted, even though I somehow fell asleep. The house is empty now and I don't know where people are, but I'm sure they'll return at some point.

Umm, I don't really have much to say about my trip other than it was lots of fun and I already miss Nimbin.
Hey babies! I' cureently at my dad's 50th and qut drunk! As you can tell from my typying! But I'm having fun and I love you aaaal! Keep well, gorgeouses. hope all in nz are doing as well as I am :D
Point One: Being ill sucks arse. It makes sleeping all stupid and difficult because your nose is all gross and stuffy. And this cold better die before Thursday, because I don't want to be sick when I'm flying. Or when I'm supposed to be having a good time in Nimbin >_<

Point Two: I forget. Which is really annoying, because I know I had a Point Two to go here. It probably had something to do with Rocky Horror, since we were watching that tonight.

Point Three: Where is Neil When You Need Him? is such an awesome album. I read Coraline today so I could get more of the references, and while I'm in Nimbin and on the plane I'm going to read Trader. I like music inspired by books. Makes me happy.
I think my spam filter has been eating emails that aren't actually spam >_< I only just discovered this today, because as if I'm dedicated enough to sort through the millions of spams I get every day. But hopefully I've fixed it now and it won't eat things anymore. So if you've emailed me and I never replied: Hi! I'm not being rude! I probably just didn't know! (It's gmail being rude.)

The sun is glaring in my window and making it rather difficult to see the screen. But I will soldier on through the hard times, baby. Because in nine days I'll be in Nimbin, so how can anything possibly be bad about that? Nimbin, baby! And mum's currently booking me tickets for Christmas in Tassie. I am a jet setting superstar and you better believe it, cupcake.

Mmmm, I wish I had a cupcake.

I am currently downloading Into the Woods, because my DVD of said musical is beyond dead. (Yes, Sequoia. A MUSICAL. Try not to vomit directly on your screen.) Downloading is taking forever. Grargh. But then Raen and I are going to sit round, eat crap, and sing along to fairy tales. I am SO HARDCORE you can barely comprehend it.

Aaaaand an email from mum just now informs me that Tasmania is 18th - 29th of December. Holy shit it's going to be weird to be back there.

(PS to Raen: Hilary Rhoda + Crystal Renn = Totally sisters. y/n?)
Circe says:
i didn't clean my room la la la
Alison says:
i knew you wouldn't. I knew today would be a "everything from the floor goes onto the bed till you want to sleep and then it'll go on the floor again" kind of day
Circe says:
Circe says:
it's an inefficient system
Alison says:
it is
Alison says:
you should try my system
Alison says:
i don't move anything ever. it works well.
Alison says:
cept i don't know where my proper pajama pants are.

In other news: The line up for the Victoria's Secret show sucks big time. It's like they decided that last year they had too many attractive women walking and had to do something about it. So they took them out the back paddock and shot them. Now it's just boring unattractive models. Yes, I do care. Don't mess with gorgeous half naked women. It's a workable system right there. (I'm being over-dramatic. There are still a few gorgeous girls, but heaps of my favourites are missing.)

I get to go to my dad's for his birthday party at the end of this month, and I say yay! And I might be going home for a week at Christmas, which is another yay! I like visiting parentals. It's made of good.
I return rather triumphant from my Nimbin escapades. I'm intact and everything. I bought things that shine, I met people that were made of shine, and I lounged about in sunshine.

Shine is, of course, the keyword of my trip.

Trip back was less than awesome. Chch airport fogged up so my flight that was meant to come in at midnight...didn't. And they sent us to Auckland. least I've been to Auckland now? We ended up getting to the hotel they were putting us at at around 3am and then the bus took us back to the airport at 7.30 to try and find us flights. I probably got about an hours sleep in the very hard hotel room so I am- as one may assume- a little sleepy.


Nice to be back in the LFoD though. I'd say 'nice to be home' but I don't know. Nimbin feels more like home to me. It's just mostly the people here I like. (Everyone feel like moving to hippy town with me?)

I'll catch up with peoples when I do, I guess. There's talk of some sort of gathering next weekend. (Not this one since Cath has looots of work to be done.)

Yeah. I'm done.

I'd forgotton how cold it was here. *freezes*


Aug. 23rd, 2006 02:45 pm
I wish I had a mango for one moment of sweet, I wish I had your mango to eaaat )
hello world! i'm quite tipsy! ddin't th9ink i'd be making a drunekn post from dad's place. i hyave to go cook dinner in a minute. i got dad a livejournal by the way! [ profile] bentboy. go spam him! it'd amuse me in the morninbg when he gets lots of crap from you all! vbwahjahaha.

oh god. i should drink no more wine.


mmm, wine. i'm becoming quite obsessed. i wish my girls were here. and my boy. (tim and andy are my girls too!)

oh god. i'm making a fool of myself...

My father- of all people- has commanded that I make a post here. So...yeah. It's a post! I'm in Nimbin and not dead and everything

And I have wine. This house is like the constant stream of wine. If only the LFoD was as such.



(Dad has just informed me that this can be an outpost of the beloved LFoD. It doesn't have a name though. Dad says it searching. Now he whispers 'it's a seecret place.' So we'll all just have to believe him. Damn... I don't know where I started these brackets or why...)

*stops them*

My chair is wheeeeeely! WHEEELY! (weely weely cool.)

It's been a lovely warm day and, hell, I don't know what else to say here. So for now this will do. I'm keeping long babbly writings about my activities on my lappy anyway, so I can just post those when I get back.

I'll catch all you tards later.



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