My loves for Martha Wainwright and The Birthday Massacre have been massively rekindled by my recent music stealing. Awesomeness. I likes me some music.

Tonight we are having ROAST. Ohmygod roast :D And I have the first episode of The Borgias to watch! WIN ON ALL LEVELS.
So on Tuesday night I am going to see Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. (Jason! Jason who I haven't seen since he opened for the Dresden Dolls is 2006! Glorious man!)

We're also having dinner with Amanda (and hopefully Jason?) since we're cooking for them. Can you see how calm I am about the fact that I'll be chilling backstage with them? Way calm.


So calm.

I wish Hera was opening for her this time as well as Jason. It would be a happy splode.

I plan to make three dozen cupcakes to share with the fans. Some of them will look like tomatoes. You're just jealous you won't get to have any.
Earlier on youtube I came across an amazing piano cover of Night on Bald Mountain which has filled me with such joy for its sheer sexiness.

video )


And then, when I was filled with said musical joy, I came across this incredible girl who does her own piano covers of rock/metal songs. I may suddenly have a crush on a random youtube person. Which I think is acceptable since she's only gone and made amazing versions of some of my most favourite songs ever. )

That was a lot more videos than I thought I was posting... But she's got about two hundred more on her account so just be thankful I stopped at all.
This afternoon we ([ profile] phfa, [ profile] roselet, and [ profile] moment_of_sen) went into town to take part in the brilliant glory that is Gap Filler. In their own words:

Gap Filler will see vacant sites - awaiting redevelopment as a result of the September 4 earthquake or otherwise - utilised for temporary, creative, people-centred purposes. Examples include: garden cafés, outdoor cinema, live music, dance on a temporary dance floor and other creative responses to sites by local artists.

Gap Filler is temporary in nature, seeking to activate gap sites for around two weeks at a time, to demonstrate that the city can grow in important ways without large capital expenditure or major construction. Gap Filler projects can move from site to site as spaces become available around the city. All projects will be able to occupy or vacate a site within a day.

So today we went to see the always effervescent Hera sing on the site that used to be Mexican cafe South of the Border. And then we drew pictures of Hera because two of us were artists and one of us was me. My art was brilliant, but alas she now has it. She's going to put it up on her twitter though, and I'm sure you'll agree that mine (drawn on the back of a bus ticket and involving a unicorn-pegasus) was the very best. Forget those artists.

Then there was WINE and SALAD and HOTNESS and now there is home and my feet are sore and I'm going to have a naaaaaap.
I feel like fangirling. I don't know why I'm so completely asdfghjkl; over Ani Difranco for the last few days, but I am. So it's a post filled with music and photos and lyrics. Because she's my bisexual, feminist, activist goddess.

I did not design this game; I did not name the stakes. I just happen to like apples, and I am not afraid of snakes )
I have no idea what this thing is but it's made of 'WHOA' and "shiny!" and ":D :D :D!"

Aaaand I can't stop listening to this song over and over. I've been trying to find the source of the quote but other than it being from Tommy Douglas I have no clue.

The flat is currently caring for a toddler overnight and I have discovered that of all the talking I do at him (definatly 'at' because he's too little to converse) his favourite word above all others is 'necromancy.' Necromancy makes him giggle and clap his hands.

I have high hopes for this child.

But because there is a limit to how many times I can fall on the floor when he pretends to kill me (CHILDREN ARE EXHAUSTING) I am hiding in my room with tea and gorgeous female singers. Sadly, those are only in picture form.

With the gorgeous of Emilie Autumn, Amanda Palmer, Christina Scabbia and Simone Simons )
For the Amanda Palmer show in Wellginton we didn't get the Danger Ensemble as everyone else in the world did, as they stayed in Australia - but we did get a very awesome opening act called Battle Circus, a rock band from Auckland. Or, as their website says, Well, it's not quite rock, maybe metal/circus/baroque-esque psychedelic rock with Eastern-European influences.

I inbed videos now!

Three videoclips )

They were freaking sweet live. I'm not used to anything like this coming out of New Zealand. I stole a copy of their EP - The Half-Light Symphony - from Alina, and it is epic and post-apocalyptic and and the shortest song is nine minutes long.



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