Billie Holiday ♥ This song never fails to make me want to cry and she sings it with such pain.
I feel like fangirling. I don't know why I'm so completely asdfghjkl; over Ani Difranco for the last few days, but I am. So it's a post filled with music and photos and lyrics. Because she's my bisexual, feminist, activist goddess.

I did not design this game; I did not name the stakes. I just happen to like apples, and I am not afraid of snakes )
NEIL GAIMAN IS THE BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. How's that for cementing my gothness in a wonderfully cliche manner?

Just got back from Wellington and I lack the awesome to actually say anything of use about it. Except in very short and simple format:

Amanda Palmer concert on Friday night = MADE OF FUZZY WARM LOVE
(Even if there were some dickheads in the audience and she was tired it was still amazing, just as Amanda always is at her shows.)

Neil Gaiman talk and signing on Saturday = MADE OF FANGIRLISH GLEE AND HAPPY
(He is a god among not gods and I haven't been so excited about seeing/meeting someone for a very long time. And despite the book signing being almost four hours long he was utterly gracious and smiling the whole time.)

This sound installation at the City Gallery Wellington = MADE OF INCREDIBLE.
(In fact, if you reside in Wellington go to the gallery and check it out.)

(Delicious, delicious New Orleans food and the mood there is just so warm.)

And now there is home and my own bed. Oh! Bliss!
Alina introduced me to the music of Jill Tracy, who I can't really describe other than she's sort of eerie, and 40's-esque, and writes songs with lines like but, my dear, it's worth the pain/when you're pulling your insides out and makes it sound deliciously elegant and seductive. So pretty!

Clare is watching BSG and I am listening to (well, reading) her various excited sounds over MSN to the things happening. It's great fun!

Last night Ness brought over 'A Very Potter Musical', recorded directly from YouTube (oh, technology!) to show us and we all almost died at how adorable Voldemort and Quirrel were together because they were awesome best buds. It was quite entertaining. (And they could all sing well, as opposed to certain recent renditions of RENT that may have hurt my ears.)

After we dropped Ness home, we drove up the hills singing along to Amanda Palmer and once there I got to see Christchurch all spread out and lit up for the first time since I've lived here. (I've only ever been up there during the day - It's very pretty with all the sparkling nighttime lights.) We also got the watch the moon rise from there while we ate licorice all sorts. Pretty damn good night.

Jennifer! This is for you :)
Accommodation for Wellington is now booked and I am getting pretty damn excited about the fact that in a week I shall be on my way out to see Amanda Palmer playing. GLEE. Two other people from my extended social circle and going to be there as well, and who knows if there might be others? I think there might be a nice amount of post-AFP drinking going on. Which reminds me that I need to have another look at what bars in Wellington are good, as well as finding shops that might sell awesome gothy shoes and corsets. Alison needs a corset and Wellington must provide.

I have an idea for my Perversion Party outfit but I will require an underbust for it. Laura, you said you had one that might possibly fit me? I shall have to come around at some point before Wednesday and try it out. (This will require remembering how the hell to get to your house.)

Our broadband has gone over = :(
To celebrate the birth of the most lovelyerist Ness we will be holding a birthday drinkies for her here. HAVE SOME DETAILS, BITCHES!

What: Drinking and Merriment and probably birthday cake all for [ profile] moment_of_sen
When: Friday, 20th Feb - (Show up before 8:30pm and I will cut you)
Where: The LFoD. If you don't actually know where that is yet we probably don't want you. ... Or maybe you just haven't been yet in which case ask, ask for the addy!

Later today I shall post CF photos, promise. But for now I will post YouTube videos I promised. Sadly they're all live recordings so they don't have pretty videos along with them and such. But Jason Webley is awesome anyway.

videos! )
Even though I technically really couldn't afford it, I just ordered Who Killed Amanda Palmer? and the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack from Amazon. I'm such a criminal usually when it comes to getting music but these two I just had to buy. Amanda said to buy it, and since she's usually so okay about people just downloading the Dresden Dolls stuff I figured it would be better to do as the lovely Miss Palmer tells me. She'd kick my arse.

And I had to buy Repo! because it deserves the support. Anything that gets it more mainstream attention is good. (And if people would stop only mention that it has That Hilton Creature in it, that would also be good. Damm reviewers.)

Although the uncool part is this: Delivery estimate: October 30, 2008 - November 20, 2008 Wat? Come on, Amazon! That's more than a month for items that you claim are in stock. Are you on crack? It's especially uncool since when we order stuff from it generally arrives within the week. Lame. But I'll survive I have links to downloads until they arrive.
New layout with gorgeous ladies! Mmmmm. Tis Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and Simone Simons of Epica, because I like my chick metal (It's also Renee and Scarlett from Darker London who are THE GREATEST PAIRING THAT NEVER HAPPENED! THEIRLOVEISSOBLOODYCOMPLICATED.) What can I say? I like the pretty!

I've only had about an hour of sleep and it's kinda freaking me out how awake I am...
I just noticed this on Emilie Autumn's MySpace:

Apr 1 2009 - AUSTRALIA TOUR - Dates coming soon!


Time to start saving. I CANNOT miss Emilie.
I cannot stop listening to 'My Friends' from the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. I love it so very much. And since I'm in such a music mood I wanted to post some of the songs I've been listening to obsessively recently because they are gorgeous.

downloads )

Speaking of music, The Smashing Pumpkins are going to be in Christchurch.


If I see Billy Corgan I'm going to strangle him with my ZERO shirt until he apologises profusely for destroying the memory of my favourite band.

Every band I want to see is far away and makes me sad and the one evil band I want to stay far far far from me is going to be in my city. The unfairness of this situation cannot be put into words >_< (Even worse is that Queens of the Stone Age is opening for them, a band I might have actually tried to go see were it not for bloody treacherous Corganhead.)
Point One: Being ill sucks arse. It makes sleeping all stupid and difficult because your nose is all gross and stuffy. And this cold better die before Thursday, because I don't want to be sick when I'm flying. Or when I'm supposed to be having a good time in Nimbin >_<

Point Two: I forget. Which is really annoying, because I know I had a Point Two to go here. It probably had something to do with Rocky Horror, since we were watching that tonight.

Point Three: Where is Neil When You Need Him? is such an awesome album. I read Coraline today so I could get more of the references, and while I'm in Nimbin and on the plane I'm going to read Trader. I like music inspired by books. Makes me happy.


Aug. 14th, 2007 01:30 pm
Birthday gathering here on Saturday night went very well. Much fun and drinking all around, but sadly Ness has taken her camera home so I can't post photos from it. But I shall because there's sure to be something to embarass everyone on there.

I'm wondering how many times I can listen to this 'demo' version of the new Nightwish album, with the man who randomly crops up and tells me what album I'm listening to and what track. Sigh. Shall have to buy it when it comes out. I'm enjoying enough for that.

And now, since I'm not doing anything more interesting, have some videos:

Some metally goodness, but not all of it! )
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After pimping the missing: the other day, I was asked for more chick metal pimpage. And because it is me, I'm going to do it with pictures. I’ll even recommend some specific songs.

Girls! Girls! Girls! )
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I'm in love.

This time it is with an unsigned New York band called The Missing:. Most people who know me are aware of my love for chick metal. And while the operatic vocals and symponic metal is nice, I like even better the hardcore female fronted bands, like these guys. (Not Angela Gossow heavy, but sexy voice of doom over sexy music of doom.) Some seriously brutal guitar work. Love it.

Anyway, instead of uploading music- cause I'm lazy- I found the only recording of them I could on YouTube instead.

(If you're interested also check out the song 'In Two')

PS: DL people? So very Ragnarok :D


Jun. 1st, 2006 02:32 am
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There is no better result for the 'In My Pants' game than 'Wake The Snake In My Pants.'

that is all.


May. 21st, 2006 03:05 pm
Lordi actually won Eurovision. That' beyond awesome! Hee! Don't know what Finland will do with themselves after coming last in it for the last several years. And now they've swept the board with dudes in monster suits.

Aaaah, those crazy(-er than usual) Finns.
Lennon's new Record "Damaged Goods" is finally done. After 3 years of hard work I am very happy. Plan to pick one up in stores later this summer. (

She's got some music up on the myspace but...hmm...not really impressed. For some reason she's re-done 'My Beautiful' and it's not nice. There's one song up there that I haven't heard but I'm kinda apathetic toward it. *shrugs* Maybe I'll feel differant once I hear the whole thing.

I'm also this close to stealing someone's credit card to sign up for a Suicide Girls account.
"It's official, The Smashing Pumpkins are currently writing songs for their upcoming album, their first since 2000. No release date has yet been set, but the band plans to begin recording this summer." (

There's been talk about if for ages and I secretly hoped it would all come to nothing. But there it is. The Smashing Pumpkins are reforming. No idea on the lineup, but I've gotta make a guess at Billy, James, Jimmy, and MAdM.

If they're even able to get orginals, that is. Last I heard there was very bad blood between Billy and James. And it's gotta be MAdM instead of D'arcy since she's off the radar totally.

I'd like to be excited about this but...well. I heard Billy Corgan's solo album.



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