Okay, I hardly took any photos at all in Melbourne but here's a few of the ones I did take

photos, very boring ahead )
Home sweet home!

Yesterday I was waiting around Melbourne airport for about four hours. Might have been less dull were they not renovating the international lounge because there's hardly anything there now and for breakfast I had the WORST $15 hot chocolate and chicken sandwich EVER. warm water with some cocoa sprinkled over does NOT a five dollar hot chocolate make.

But now I am home and I've slept and I have TEA and I'm all dressed up and ready to go out to the masquerade party tonight. I have to get on a Saturday night bus with my face painted up though, which will be fun. (By 'fun' read 'youth of the world and their douchebagness'.)

Waiting for Ali now and then we shall be off into the night!

Miss my mummy ♥
My laptop that has been broken for more than a year (despite my constant poking of it, pressing all buttons, shaking it like a baby) now suddenly WORKS basically because my mother just, like, touched it. WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THIS AND WHY HAS IT HAPPENED?? I am half annoyed that it seemed to just want her attention and half pleased because, you know, lappy again!

Computers, man. What bitches.

I am currently in Melbourne enjoyed the hotel wireless because I have to tell you about the amazingness that was the King Tut exhibition today. OH GOD OH GODS OF DUAT AND KEMET I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU. It was beautiful. I spent the first three rooms of it tearing up and trying not to cry at how overwhelmed I was. Could I be more of an Egyptology geek? (Charlie! Charlie! I spent the whole time thinking about texting you and there was a beautiful Sekhmet and I was all !!! WHY IS CHARLIE NOT HERE WITH ME FOR THIS?? Valid question, Charlie, WHERE WERE YOU??)

Then they talked about my friends in the videos. ('my friends' being Ramses II, Seti I, and my girl of awesome Hatshepsut. (These are my friends, see how they shimmer - that's what Johnny Depp said about the Pharaohs.))

There's this cardboard Anubis standee down in the foyer of the hotel and I am waiting until it is late times and no one is there so I can go down and take lots of embarrassing photos with him.

Yesterday we went to Victoria Market and I bought pretty Egyptian papyri, because only Egyptian things are allowed in this holiday apparently and I will tomorrow buy another one YAY!

We bought DVDs from Borders last night but they didn't take those bloody security things off so we had to break the boxes open to watch our ten dollar DVDs. Screw you, Borders! Now I'm going to have to work out how to keep them safe to bring them home. (Emma is way superior to Pride and Prejudice. Why did no one tell me this? Mr Knightley is about a BILLION times better than stupid Mr Darcy. OH YES I SAID IT.)
Me sleepy.

I'm up to make little sandwiches for Alina's sparkly fairy princess and llama's 21st birthday. Everyone loves little sandwiches!

Tonight I have to pack and get an early night because I have to get a taxi to the airport at seven - which is actually a far more reasonable hour than most of my morning flights and I hope it won't be too crowded on the roads. It cost Ali $70 to get back from there the other day when it's usually a $40 journey. Ick. But I have cash and if all goes wrong I'll walk the last of it! (Sadly not enough money to go buy some new earphones though so I'll have to be on the plane with the ones I have that one work in one ear. This is annoyance.)

Also, if the earth starts shaking shit up and the airport gets closed I'm going to be muchos pissed off. They will hear my rage across the sea. So... just keep it down, tectonic plates. Be cool. (I'm coming BACK to the city you broke so nicely for me, don't worry!)

Still haven't packed. Packing is for losers.

Oh! The world didn't end, I just noticed! Although I haven't seen Lara this morning so it is very possible she has been raptured. Alison and I have to prepare ourselves for this inevitability. We will had to eat all the noms ourselves and get someone to watch the cats while we're away.
Hey baby! I'm back in the USSR! And by that I, of course, mean New Zealand. And I thought I had some really fascinating things to say here but now that I'm typing I'm proving myself wrong on that front.

Tasmania was good, if a little weird. Everything was all very the same except for me. And, as predicted, I did in fact have the brightest hair in all of Devonport. (But, of god, Devonport has not escaped the scene kids. They're there as well. Not so much with the emos, but the horrible eighties hair with the lawnmower cuts and the random sections of bleach? Oooh yeah. All over the show.)

Got to see both Arsène Lupin and Golden Compass which is basically so much Eva Green that I was in the land of gorgeous happy. It's a good land.

I'm so glad I don't have to fly anywhere for a long time. I'm rather sick of planes right now, and not entirely fond of car trips either as we drove from one end of Tasmania and then back again. At least I got a few hours with a Nikki and a Lewi at Melbourne on the way over. That was beyond awesome to see them :)

I'm losing days. I thought it was NYE tonight but it's not, is it? Alison is confusing me by telling me there was a party! (Unless there is and it just isn't NYE? I'm so out of the loop!) Or is it, in fact, New Year's Eve? Hello? Where am I? Who am I? Will someone please return me to the Asylum for Wayward Girls before I become a danger to all?
Hello. Back all safe and sound and such. Feels not right to wake at 10am for no reason so I'll put that down to jetlag or something. (See, I can use the jetlag excuse too!)

We had lots of Melbourney fun but since I'm never the type to keep an actual diary I couldn't tell you what these were in order. So I'll so exactly the same thing I did after last Melbourne trip: dot points! The tool of the lazy person! (Who should totally be finishing NaNo right now...)

~ One the second day I found all of Farscape for so cheap and there was no way I was going anywhere without it. So four seasons of Farscape is MINE! And then, a little later, I found Firefly! And grabbed it speedily. (Bwaha, not sold out in Australia then, is it!) Also found new Within Temptation and two CDs from Wendy Rule who I'd never find in a million years here. (That shop even had some of my silly European bands that no one has ever heard of, like Leaves' Eyes. Sadly no 69 Eyes.)

~ Something For Kate- who I ohmygod LOVE- we playing in Melbourne on the 2nd of December. !!! How utterly unfair! We even walked past the place where they would be playing in Richmond. This made me sad.

~ No suitable corsets in Victorian Gothic. This also made me sad, but I got a very lovely velvet skirt. Another goth shop I searched out was all Lip Service brand and therefore tiny and expensive :( And I found the best looking goth shop the day before we caught our plane...but it was closed. And I was veryververy sad.

~ Got to meet Lara and Lewi who are so cute together. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on that night- as well as a few others- and bills should not be spoken about. But I'd never seen a bill reach that amount before.

~ We must have gone to Melbourne Zoo on the hottest day in the history of the world. It was boiling and I thought I was going to melt into a sticky puddle. And that place is very badly stocked in the take away places. It's half empty. It looks like junk-food adoring Reavers were in there.

~ Went out to St Kilda Beach and wandered around the blinding sand. Tim wanted to steal a Jet Ski. I wanted to steal Jessica Stam from a shop window.

~ Dad took us around Melbourne Market. I got a Batman t-shirt. *wins!*

~ Raen and I spent two evenings watching all of Firefly and we almost got through an entire season of Farscape too. Also finally got her to watch the legendary Army of Darkness that Tim bought. She liked it ^_^ Also, Brothers Grimm is weird and the girl in it looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Keira in King Arthur. It was a little odd.

Now I'm going to post photos. Because I don't remember other dot-pointy things that happened. )

Mum left us with so much food in the hotel. We couldn't possibly eat it all. The very thought scared us. We had to catch our bus to the airport at 7am so we thought we'd just stay up all night. Ha. We went to sleep around 1.
"Goodbye gentlemen, if you need me I shall be in Australia."

And I shall be. In a matter of hours.

I plan to have poptarts for breakfast and mangos for lunch. My life will be a summery summery food fest.

and, OMG!, I get airport PIE. PIE. MMmmmmPIE. (PIE always gets capslock. It is capslock!PIE. For it is good.)

Oh yeah, the other parts that arn't sleep deprivation PIE will be good too. The Australia bits.


Any party where two TVs are thrown out closed windows is a good party in my mind. It's also fun to have people set them on fire afterward. Very metal. Poor James' window.

I was called crazy and dramatic. Regular KAOS party behaviour on my part then. (The word 'slutty' wasn't mentioned but it was probably thought quite a bit.) I also talked to far more people than I usually do at parties. (Also got quite drunk. Ouzo helped alot. I'm pleased that I appear to have no hangover.)

We leave for Australia at 6am tomorrow, so leave here at about 4am which means, meh, I'm so not bothering to sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead! Sleep when I'm dead! Sleep when I'm deeeeeeeaaaaad! on the plane. (Man, the Metal Party obviously got into my head more than I thought.)

I haven't even started packing yet.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
32,549 / 50,000

If I write 4000 words a day for the next four days- and the 30th when I return from Melbourne- I will finish NaNoWriMo.


That shouldn't be too hard...

Melbourne is going to be awesome, by the way. I have decreed it. Yes, it's true. I still haven't booked our accomadation and the three of us may end up living in a box on the side of the street while we're there if I don't get off my arse and do it but...hey, boxes are cool, you know. Boxes are the new houses. Don't be so biased against boxes! What did they ever do to you, man? Were you sexually abused by boxes in your childhood or something? Like, MOVE ON, DUDE. LET GO OF THE PAST AND YOUR FUCKED UP BOX ISSUES.


I'm writing NaNo in my other window. This means that words just come out of my fingers that I have no control over. Can you tell? Sometimes it's strange.

My music just said 'people are strange' and I'll agree with that one too. Because people are silly. Some of those people are me. I do silly things most of the time.

I'm getting my tattoo done tommorrow *huge grin* Man, it's taken a long time to finally get this thing organised. Hopefully it doesn't decide to go septic or something while we're in Melbourne. That would be a bitch. So, yes, tommorrow at 2.30 I shall be poked with needles for an hour. Should be painful wicked cool.


Not that I'm excited about it or anything (Man, I so frelling can't wait to have it!) Yeah, like, whatever, dude.

Angie? I'm going to try and send your package off tommorrow if I get up early enough. If not, I'll do it on Saturday. It'll get sent before I leave the country in any case. (Now, hopefully, I can find where I left your address...)
The word count thingy on the NaNoWriMo site is down! Horror! Pain! Badness!

In other news- that is still NaNo related anyway- I just hit 10,000 words and a plot may have just appeared to me! This makes me gleeful because much longer of writing without any actual aim was going to get tricky. I have an aim and a purpose. (Not in life still, just in November.)

I was almost horrified by the fact that I had not one single gay character but then I realised I did. So now I'm relieved. Not that I think my lesbian chick is going to have a very bag role...or maybe she will...who knows. Gods, I love NaNo.

In real life news: booked Ali a flight to Melbourne. All three of us are on the same flights over and back. Score. I've gotta get the hostel arranged because I am totally lazy at this.
7000 words down on NaNo. Not too shabby. I like writing because it means I don't have to think about anything. Stuff not going your way and feel like angsting? Quick, write lots and lots of babble without pause until you forget.

I think I've needed more NaNo in the last year. MmmmNaNo.

Can one get better at angsting? It should be a skill, right? I mean, that would make sense. And then you could improve at it. Be, like, a professional angster. In the Olympics and shit. That'd be impressive. Pausing from NaNo to write a lj entry feels like I'm still writing NaNo. Thus the not pausing to think all the much and the stream of conciousness thing that appears to be happening here.

Gods, I need breakfast *zooms* Oh god, now I have toastie, I win! I win so very very much! Life is good and all that crap!

I'll be in Melbourne in less than a month: which leaves me with having to write 3000-something words a day to finish nano in time.

Also, I hate happy dreams and then you wake up and realise that they weren't real and things on that front are the same as they always were. Stupid dreams. Even the good ones suck.
To cheer me up- and because people asked: corset pics of me and Raen ([livejournal.com profile] phfa). First I will say that I hate photos. Everyone who knows me should know this by now.

Me and Raen playing in Melbourne )
Dearest flist of flistyness:

I’m back.

That is all.

Okay, so maybe I’ll write a little more than that then. I’d write a day by day thing here but…I can’t remember day by day cause I’m lazy and I didn’t write it down. But it was fun anyway ^_^

Got off the plane in Melbourne -already bouncingbouncingbouncing- and looked around for Raen (for the uneducated: [livejournal.com profile] phfa). Panicked for a short moment with the ‘omgwhereisshe??’ walked around and who should I see lurking around the corner? (Who’s this shady looking character?) it was a Raen! And there was glomping and much concussion. (Dear lord, my spellcheck doesn’t recognise ‘glomping’! Awful!) Raen spent the whole trip back from the airport going ‘oooh, where are koalas? Ooooh, different trees! Ooooo your dirt is funny coloured!’ (No. It’s not orange, Raen. It’s dirt-coloured.)

Then we crashed at our hostel. About 10 minutes later Nikki ([livejournal.com profile] persephone_20) shows up and attacks us. In a nice way.

During our time there was much shopping and spending of money and buying and omgtodiefor corset. Mmmmm *hugs corset* it’s honestly the sexiest thing ever. I don’t have the bust for the thing -unlike Raen and Nikki who both looked all kinds of gorgeous- but I still adore it. I also bought a skirt and there were sooooo many pretty things in that shop! Bad Circe.

And then Raen and I went to stay with [livejournal.com profile] bottleofred who is lovely and even gave up his bed for the two annoyingly loud tourists. And I think I caught my most awful cold from his housemates but it’s aaaall good. *sniffs* I’m getting over it!

Hmmm, what else happened, precious? Oh! I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] saffronlie and her non-LJ friend (those people really exist apparently!) We shopped and such. Which is always fun. Got to meet lots of new people on this trip really. Gotta remember to count all of Nikki’s friends too, who were all great. Not that I’m surprised by this. I even got to hang out at a party with them and do the random snogging thing.

By the time I had to leave I was rather addicted to trams and trains though. Public transport rocks my socks. I’m such a geek. And now, because I’m lazy, the list of things that also were very cool:

# the food court off Little Collins St. Best. Pizza. Evah. I’m so very easily pleased.

# Ordering Stabucks as ‘Des[demona] and Ophelia’ and answering doubters with a sheepish ‘our parents were Shakespeare geeks’
# Drinking martinis on an empty stomach and cold and flu tablets at a lesbian bar.

# Singing really bad karaoke when sick and laced in a corset- because how can one hold back from karaoke when one finds a Smashing Pumpkins song as an option?

# Finding a nice factory clothing outlet and buying way too much.

# Watching movies than lead to week long discussions that go ‘omgyay Medieval!D/L!’

# Staying up all night and watching Buffy with someone who doesn’t usually watch it but enjoyed it anyway.

# Buying new music.

# Watching lions at Melbourne Zoo and buying a purple snake toy you didn’t really need and naming it with obscure references. *pats Acamar*

# Sitting in a park in St Kilda with shapes and cream cheese and just lounging on the grass and then zooming about.

# Lying in a queen size bed and pretending to be two completely different people.

# Giving Raen her first mango ever and watching her utterly devour it.

# pancakes with strawberries and lots of syrup

# real life snuggles

Today I took Nikki for a loooong walk around town and got all sunburnt but, meh, it was a nice walk still. next time I will remember sunscreen.

Aaaaand I think I'm off to bed now. Night all.

ETA: Why did no one tell me my layout was all pixally on computers that aren't mine? *fiddles*
Right. Tomorrow I'm off to Melbourne. (The bus leaves here at 7.30. How mean.) I shall return of the king on the 20th of November so until then you must all somehow try to live without my life-brightening presence. Yes, yes, I know. It will be SUCH a struggle for all of you. You’ll miss me like Anubis misses cheese, like Eowyn misses cable TV, like Keira misses Treacle hairspray. But stay strong, flist! STAY STRONG, DAMMIT!


Aaaanyway, yes, the 20th. So if you try to tell me something before then…well, that’s really just too damn bad. It’ll have to wait, won’t it. It is more than likely that I won’t be doing anything Net-like there. I won’t even have The Precious with me for writing. *pats it* No NaNo for 10 days. Horrible! I probably won’t finish NaNo at this rate then. Oh well.

When I get home to lovelylicious Nikki will be joining me. I can show her the sights of my hometown. But then after that afternoon’s over we’ll be out of things to do… well, LOTS of writing. And forcing of Farscape upon her. Bwa.

I should probably be posting this later and not at 8pm. Ah well.

Bye all! (Only not really. Cause, see? Still here and all. *is generally being here*)

ETA: Caved. Bought A Perfect Circle's 'Emotive' *pets music*
Dear City of Melbourne,

I love you.


That's right. I'm back! Lock up your sons/daughters/CDs! For anyone interested, my trip went sorta like this )

Yes. So that was pretty much my time. And no I’m back. And only had 80 emails. Which is actually not that much considering.

Raen? I want to send you music. Come online. *waits* Fine then. I'm giving you this song. *points to the little current music thing*



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