Jun. 7th, 2011

I'm failing completely to be awake for more than a few hours at a time right now and in those hours my brain is totally turned off. Damn cold. It's not even that bad other than being just completely frakking exhausted. Haven't felt this tired since I had glandular fever in... whatever the hell year that was. Like '06 or something. Might have been later. UNIMPORTANT TO THE STORY, CIRCE.

Not that I have a story.

Tonight Lara and I showed Alison both Pretty Woman and Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken because she'd never seen either and it was a crime against nature. Lara and I force our movie childhoods onto all.

And now that I've been up for almost two whole hours, I'm going to back to bed.
My lappy died. Exactly the same way as before, I think, although this time it just gives me the light to say it's on and not the hum. All attempts to fix it like mum did- BUTTONMASH FOREVER! - is failing.

Why you do this to me, you pain in the arse? We JUST moved Lara's desktop out of the living room and the desk into my room again! Not impressed, you silly lappy. I've done nothing to you but be sweet and kind so why do you love my mum more than me? That's just not fair. Is it because she doesn't use you to look up all sorts of things on the internet that you find morally reprehensible? Because I thought we were in this together, lappy? I thought we had a deal?

Laptops these days are such untrustworthy people.



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