Feb. 25th, 2011

I've discovered that unless I'm completely exhausted when I go to bed, every tremor wakes me right up again. I need to just lie down and pass out or else I won't sleep at all. (This proves a problem as I'm not one of those people who just falls asleep once they get into bed. I have to lie there for half an hour at least.) So this is me yawning away in front of the computer because I'm not tired enough yet.

I'm not dealing well with these aftershocks. The aftershocks we've been having since September haven't bothered me but these ones are so much sharper and harder and last time I didn't have the experience behind me of what it felt like when they went all out in an attempt to bring down the entire city. I tense with the beginning rumble of every single one of these, though I only sometimes run for the door now. Usually I'm sitting there all 'frozen rabbit in the headlights' while Lara and Alison remind me that it's okay.

Except one of the times it might not be okay and everything will come flying at us again and the house will fall in and we'll all die. (That's not going to happen. This house is very sound and it really shouldn't break, not until unless a really big one hits us again. But I have the paranoia. Days of watching pictures of houses fallen in makes one a little wary.)

I miss running water and indoor plumbing, but it feels ridiculous to even complain about that with everything going on. I'll never take a flushing toilet for granted again though. It also feels ridiculous to complain that I did something to my back tonight and now it twinges painfully every time I move.



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