Feb. 23rd, 2011

honeyspider: (JWW: I have seen a thousand fractures)
The Grand Chancellor hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the city and in each aftershock it is now rocking. It's move about a metre horizontally and is now on a lean to the east. I think Alison said they've evacuated everyone from all the blocks around which is good since when it comes crashing down like they're waiting for it's going to make an awfully big bang.

This is my favourite photo of the earthquake damage because instead of horrifying me it makes me giggle. (The giggling could be panic, so don't rely on that.)

The park across the road from us is being turned into a refuge center. I wish we didn't have to worry about how water and food or I'd cook up a shitload of comfort food for those people. Alison and I are considering going over with the massive collection of children's books we've got but we might just end up getting in the way so we'll probably just hand them over and leave.
New Zealand Red Cross has launched the "New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal" to support those affected by the recent Christchurch earthquake.

All funds will be used towards the New Zealand Red Cross response to the disaster, including transport and provision of goods. As weeks go by, different needs will be identified and Red Cross, there for the long haul with your help, will be meeting them. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Canterbury area at 12.51pm on February 22. The quake, approximately 5km underground and located 10km south east of the city has caused wide spread damage, bursting sewage lines, damaging buildings and homes, cutting power and telephone lines to many areas of the city.

Donations to this appeal can be made by:

• Secure online donation at www.redcross.org.nz/donate

• Cheque to: New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal, Freepost 232690, PO Box 12140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

• Direct Credit Transfer to our Special Appeal Bank Account: Kiwibank 38-9009-0759479-00 and the account name is RED CROSS.

• Direct Credit Transfer to our Special Appeals Bank Account: ASB 12-3192-0015998-02

• At any branch of PostShop Kiwibank, ASB and ANZ bank


some more photos, bigger than most of the ones going around.
Ali and I took a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon in the hopes of finding chocolate. (We'd heard tales that the petrol station nearby was open. COMFORT FOOD!)

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