Feb. 22nd, 2011

My beautiful beautiful city.

I was home by myself when it hit and I ended up in the doorway of the kitchen which turned out to be not the best place because there's a high shelf there and a bunch of things came tumbling down on me. Nothing big enough or hitting me right enough to hurt but still not helping with the comfort. I ended up sliding down in the doorway to cry and laugh because, joy, hysterics. And then the first big aftershock that happened Lara had called me and she had to listen to me screaming and crying while I went diving for a doorway again. (Where I got really wet because the hot water cylinder in the roof either broke or fell over and emptied itself through the walls at me.)

I can't actually process anything today and every single one of these aftershocks makes me want to curl up in a doorway and have a little cry. I'm glad Lara and Alison are being the Calm Ones for me.

As of ten pm at least a hundred people are still trapped in buildings and now there's fires and flooding and the ground keeps fucking shaking.

But I am in awe of all the stories I've heard so far of how people are helping each other through this. That makes me cry too but in much better ways.



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